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Metro Security Company offers COVID-19 Access Control Solutions, Commercial, Residential, Industrial, and Other security services from providing one-time personal protection details, to developing long-term comprehensive personnel and asset protection programs.

Metro Security Company will tailor services to fit the individual needs of each client. Along with flexibility, Metro Security Company pays attention to all the details.

COVID-19 Access Control Solutions

COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2) presents an immediate as well as longer-term challenges to organizations in the attempt to make their workplaces accessible and safe for both employees and visitors. Metro Security Company delivers COVID-19 crisis-specific expertise for all commercial applications.

These access challenges will continue to evolve as information on COVID-19, regulations, and public expectations progress into the future. In response to the changing entities, Metro Security Company has developed and implements an extensive knowledge base of best practices for COVID-19 access control screening.

Our practices include:

  • Consultation on screening layout configurations

  • Expertise and guidance on the implementation of screening questionnaires, distancing protocols, and temperature screening

  • Management of employee/guest entry and foot traffic, with an emphasis on social distancing enforcement, within critical areas such as entryways, lobbies, turnstiles and elevators
  • Guidance on the use of plexiglass partitions, sanitizing stations and signage

  • PPE provisioning to employees and guests entering facilities, including proper disposal of used PPE

  • Recommendations on various available screening tools, including handheld no-contact thermometers, portable and fixed thermal screening cameras, and other relevant technologies

  • Guidance on screening to help ensure compliance with privacy laws and other legal consideration

  • Officer training specific to required screening protocols and critical health and safety practices, and advanced applications specific to vertical markets

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